Sunday Family Service


Every Sunday in the Anglican church, we get an order of service. Us Lutherans are pretty used to it, but it’s a little bit different here. Every Sunday is designated to something different. You have Baptism Sundays, Family Service Sundays, and then communion services. I may be getting some of this wrong, who knows.. I haven’t been here long enough to know EVERYTHING about the Anglican church. But it’s not that different from what I’m used to. Anyways, this past Sunday was a family service. All the Scouts come to church in uniform with their families, and present their flags. Ray always gives a really warm and inviting sermon where the congregation participates. Family Sundays are the one day a month that families might come to church who normally don’t…. so there are more than normal. The band sings and plays, and it’s all really joyful! Ray always says that he wants the church to be a warm environment and inviting. So the heating is ALWAYS on (which in other churches…it normally is very cold) and there will ALWAYS be tea and coffee!

Every order of service always has some kind of prayer that really stands out to me on a Sunday morning and reminds me of why I’m here. This Sundays call to worship prayer:

“We come here on our own, we come together. We come with our excitement and with our lack of expectation. We come with our lamps burning brightly and with our lamps hidden. We come with our longing and with our pride. We come with our words and with our silence. We come with out music and with our resentments. We come to you, God of truth, with our hands open and ask that you reach out to us afresh.”

It rang true in so many different ways for this year. We come to the church in so many different parts of our lives all in the hopes that God will reach out and speak to us. I came here this year without many expectations, but the ones I did have were completely blown away. I came into this year with my hands open in hopes of God reaching out to me and give me a fresh view. That is definitely happening.

Good times, and bad times…I’m blessed.


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